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Innovative Lösungen für ein besseres Leben
The Sennect UG (haftungsbeschränkt) has been founded with the aim of helping people to live happier and healthier lives. Even small changes in lifestyle are sometimes enough to have far-reaching effects on the health and well-being. In our focus lies happiness – because living a healthy lifestyle has no meaning if you have to give up something that truly makes you happy. We are all unique and so are our ways to a happy and healthy life.

Everyone strives to be happy. Many of us spend our time waiting or searching for happiness, and even if we find it, the feeling usually doesn’t last long. The vision of Sennect is that by using My Happiness toolbox it will become easier to find happiness and to learn to appreciate the feeling by living a more balanced and happy life.

There can be no universal solution to finding happiness that would be effective for every individual, because every human is unique. Wellio is aware of this fact and is developing a test that makes it possible to suggest individual solutions based on the personality type and life situation of the user. It is currently being developed by psychologists, health and communication scientists as well as gerontologists and is based on findings from psychological and happiness research.

My Happiness Toolbox consists of other tools, aside of the test, that further help the customers to lead more fulfilling lives. Wellio wants to make it easier to implement change and that is why it offers a motivational app that allows users to track activities and incorporate new habits into everyday life. The app and the website both include tips and information about happy and healthy living that are based on newest scientific findings.

My Happiness Toolbox also offers courses on various topics related to balanced and happy living (for example, yoga, meditation, stress reduction, dealing with people or fitness), as well as an online shop with products that make users happy.

The start-up project Sennect and the team led by Damjan Goldt and Jörg Paschke-Goldt has been funded by the EXIST grant by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy and the European Social Fund.

The Sennect idea was a finalist in the EIT Idea Challenge 2015 in the Health and Wellbeing.

Die Gründer

Damjan Goldt
Chief Executive Officer & Mitgründer
Der Kommunkationswissenschaftler (Magister) und Informatiker (Master) hat Erfahrung als technischer Produktmanager, Programierer und in Marketing und PR. Bei Sennect ist er Geschäftsführer, zuständig für Kooperationen und Kommunikation.
Jörg Paschke-Goldt
Chief Product Officer & Mitgründer
Der Diplom-Psychologe ist Spezialist für Mensch-Technik-Interaktion und forschte über psychologische Auswirkungen von technischer Assistenz auf ältere Erwachsene. Er ist der Produktverantwortliche.